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Korg  Pa4X Next
Producer Suite 3 Gb

10 Top WavesArt Pa4X Sound Libraries in one pack
also compatible with Oriental & Musikant Editions

- Pa4X Legend Synths Suite

- Pa4X Brass & Strings Suite

- Pa4X Vocals Suite 2 (New)

- Pa4X Guitars Suite 2  plus N.Guitar and Telecaster of Kronos EXs

- Pa4X Yamaha C7

- Pa4X Rhodes Mark V

- Pa4X Vintage Organs

- Pa4X Virtual Accordion

- Pa4X Ethnic Suite 850Mb

- Pa4X Studio Drums & Bass where high quality Studio Drumkits & 6-Strings bass DNC can be found due to enhance
your custom or factory styles also using ready Styles-Guitars of Guitars Suite for Style GTR mode tracks.

All full Manuals of 10 libraries will be installed on your computer desktop after installer finish.

The flagship premium sound library that will upgrade your arranger to the most powerful Workstation
of Pro Mucisians with VST features for composing & flexible real time performance !


This Huge Sound library Suite of 3 Gb has a discount of 450 euros from original cost of 10 + standalone
premium sound libraries contents and is priced at 1500 euros.


Producer Suite summary Description

1,48 Gb
(compressed) free Ram approx. 25Mb
Samples (positions)
598   Heavy Multisamples
97 Mb
 Preload Buffer size
4  SOUND User Banks 3-6 (1-2 & all DK banks are free)
11 Direct KBD Set Banks (all User Banks are empty for your custom work)

The benifit of this setup is that all User KBD Set Banks are free for your custom setup and will not be altered.
Pa4X Producer performing sound library is only Direct
Keyboard SET Banks that are write protected and are made of raw sound timbres, the DATA, that mostly do not work during in SOUND environment , outside of sounds with names intended for your own build Kbd SET sounds and Sequencer use.

KBD SET there are in Split &Full Keyboard mode , some orchestral Violins and cellos have built-in velocity Orchestra Hits as well as Velo tutti of left hand.

Realtime DEMO

KBD SET list review of video is not related with this library

Prerequisites for installing Pa4X Producer Suite 3Gb

This Libray works only at any Pa4X under official Korg OS v.3.x , it has SN resources decryption (not custom OS) ,
and is distributed in the form of all Windows installation program with personal password, which creates in
KORG DISK the infrastructure necessary for installation and protection of sound resources in Pa4X.
We have created a complex 2 stage Windows installer due to overcome Pa4X existing bugs that create issues when loading/saving resources over 1 GB.

Library will be installed through Pa4X USB port , connecting Pa4X to the PC and the library will be "on board" each time you turn on Pa4X in less than 60 seconds.

· If Pa4X motherboard  has been replaced , either from you nor from Service center , then serial number will mismatch and  Unfortunately you can't install library

·   If protected resources will be  loaded into a different serial number Pa4X  this will damage system files and also your Pa4X  flash Rom , so pay attention  on the serial number you will send us !       

  • After installing library You should never write , modify or erase anything from KORG DISK (mobo flash Rom), which should not be used otherwise, and users must use KORG HD or SD or USB stick for their custom files.
  • You must not re-assign or alter DIRECT SET , it's devoted to our resources.
  • If even a single "DATA" sound will be modified or erased , this can destroy the functionality of the collection, so
    do not delete or modify any "DATA" sounds, and individual setting you want, will be made only in User
    Keyboard SETs environment (Style Play Mode) and save them in User Keyboard SETs.

Pa4X Next OS is very sensitive to data incompatibility so try not to load resources that were made in older PaSeries , else the responsibility is exclusively ours for any Pa4X malfunction !

Resources are compatible with any future official OS Upgrade after V.3

For Purchasing contact with us due to send us your Pa4X required Serial Number
and then we'll send you the link to PayPal order !