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Hire a Sound Developer for a sound you might need

WavesArt has created a new service after customers request , where you can request from a sound developer
to create for you a custom sound of a natural instrument you need and isn't included in our standalone
Sound Libraries for Pa4X/Pa3X & Kronos.

WavesArt owns a massive 200TB sampled sound library with almost all native instruments.

What you can order :

- Only natural Musical Instruments and not any kind of analog synthesizers.

- PCG format and advanced sound development will be available only for above Korg models but KSC/PCM
Korg format can also be distributed for other Korg models like M3/Triton if required.

- No protection or library encryption will be applied and you can freely import sound in any similar model.

- You can send us your samples/resources of any kind of instrument and we can return you back the complete
instrument with PCG file for above 3 Korg models , developed with all articulations & FX (if included).


What you can't order :

- Synth patches from Korg Kronos or any other synth model engines , (only Natural Musical instruments).

- Sounds that are already included in our commercial libraries , for instance you can't order a specific
Grand Piano, guitar, saxophone , etc … that already exist in our sound libraries and can't distributed separately.

- Anything that will be distributed in this service is not included in other WavesArt's commercial libraries

and will be strictly your personal sound.

- If sampled resources are yours , then there is no limitation !


Service examples :
- You can request a Harpsichord , Vibraphone , Oboe , Ukulele , Madolin , Saz , Sitar or any natural instrument you need.
- You can send us any sampled natural instrument you own in ordinary formats like KCF , SF2 , SFZ , NKI , GIG or even
un-mapped samples WAV/AIFF and let us create for you the instrument you need from scratch !
- You can send us a drum/percussion stereo recording and create for you a precision time sliced loop sample in any
measurement for use in your Pa4X/Pa3X arranger.
- PaSeries performers , You can send us your Pa4X/Pa3X full SET in order to find and delete corrupted & unused
(or missing samples) and heal your SET from issues that makes your arranger malfunctioning.
- Kronos users , can request the creation of specific automation in a complex "Combination" routing with multiple
"Program" timbres and multiple AMS controls , that requires customizing of factory Programs in a user bank !


Cost per sound depends mostly of the complexity of native instrument and the desired articulations

that will be used , as for example velocity layers , round-robin , resonance & natural Fx and

will start from 30 euros , according to above parameters , where 20-50 euros will be the cost of
our provided copyrighted sound , plus hired developer's reward of 15 euros per hour .


Contact with us with your request and we will make a brief cost evaluation in anything you need !




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